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Wed Sep 12 19:49:03 MDT 2001

I was very happy to hear that Lou is okay, and I hope that all of the
other comrades and list participants in New York are also okay.

Although I haven't been able to follow the discussion on the list
fully, I would like to make a few comments.

I strongly agree with Jose's comments that everyone should be careful
at this moment. Political reaction and police state activities are
both riding high.

I also agree with Lou's comment that we have crossed some sort of

Whoever attacked the United States did imperialism a terrific favor.
In one hour the imperialist bourgeoisie was able to consolidate its
leadership of the petty bourgeoisie and much of the working class of
the United States behind a war of aggression - and they don't even
know who the war will be against!!!

And, for the same reason, the imperialist bourgeoisie of the United
States has been able to push into line the movement of Europe toward
greater independence, and make all the little ducklings of the rest
of the world march in a nice line behiind their imperialist masters.

Every bourgeois spokesman I have heard in the USA is talking one
line: find them; punish them. Not just those who attacked the USA,
but all 'terrorists'. Colin Powell and Bush were very explicit,
Hilary Clinton and Tom Daschle almost as explicit.

This was certainly not a Reichstag fire. It was an attack on the
military and economic headquarters of US imperialism. There can be no
mistake about that. The World Trade Center and the buildings that
surround it are the heart and brain of world finance capital. How
many hundred millionaires and how many dozen billionaires have their
personal offices int eh buildliungs in that complex I don't know, but
I bet that the numbers would be more than any other similar sized
piece of real estate on the planet.

So, I think it is very likely that the imperialists REALLY, STRONGLY,
DEEPLY in their hearts, want to catch, torture and kill whoever did
it. Not just find a scapegoat.

Almost certainly whoever did it is someone who at one time or another
was on their payroll. Like Bin Ladin, like Noriega, like Fujiomori,
like Timothy McVey.

The fact is that they have financed, armed and trained the terrorists
of the world. They constructed the pandoras box, opened it .... and
set loose this particular plague.

What should we do.

Be careful right now. Oppose any imperialist military action, oppose
racism, oppose police state activities in the USA.

After we do that, we can begin to criticize those who attacked the
USA for their incredibly brave, and incredibly counterproductive,

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 09/12/2001

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