Bin Ladengate

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Wed Sep 12 21:19:59 MDT 2001

 Just finished looking at 'Dollars for Terror" by
 Richard Labevierre,
 NY:Algora, 2000 on the quite seamy aspects of US
 foreigh policy, Islamism
 (not the same as Islam), the Afghan War, and the Bin
 Laden connection. He
 describes Bin Laden as a 'pure product of the
 American Secret Services". The
 description of the history of Islamism, terrorism,
 the major oil companies,
 organized crime, international finance, and the
 American intelligence
 community should serve as a caution against
 stereotyped thinking during the
 current crisis.

 Saw the book at Amazon. Truly a description of a
 snakepit. The American
 intelligence agencies, as the author notes in 1999
 when writing the book,
 have to be running scared. I should imagine their
 state now.

 John Landon
 nemonemini at

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