Why arab people are happy.

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at walrus.com
Thu Sep 13 06:12:10 MDT 2001

Joan Cameron wrote:

> My brother was furious with me all day Tuesday because I just couldn't
> work up any sympathy for these people. I told him, these are the people
> who empliment the policies of imperialism formed at the World bank and
> IMF, which result in death and destruction daily through starvation, lack
> of affordable medicine, pesticide dumping. These are like the little grey
> bureaucrats described by Hannah Arendt as embodying the banality of evil
> within the Nazi regime.

Joan's brother is right.

> The lower floors would have been where the secretaries worked, and they
> had 90 minutes to clear out before the building collapsed. Ryan Clark, who
> was working on the 84 floor when the plane hit the first tower, continued
> working til the second one hit, a few floors below him. The group he lead
> dowstairs ran into people coming up trying to get away from a fire. He got
> distracted in saving a guy on that floor, and when he came back to the
> stairwell, it was empty - evidently, the group had gone up. They headed
> down - and found absolutely no one on the stairwell all the way down from
> the 81 st floor. Evidently, all those people - lower level employees - had
> been evacuated already. Only Masters of the Universe were trapped in the
> upper floors.

This is utterly nonsensical. The WTC was not the headquarters of a single
hierarchical organization, with its population neatly distributed in descending
degrees of evilness. There were whole companies located on single floors or
groups of floors throughout the buildings. I am quite sure many of the victims
were working in jobs just like the call-center workers you and I are familiar
with, along with coffee-shop delivery guys from Guatemala or Mexico, janitors
and maintenance workers from Poland or Yugoslavia, and others you have
absolutely no right to dismiss as "little grey bureaucrats."

Try that cold drink of water Lou suggested to Jared, perhaps using it to wash
down something to clear your head of these delusionary visions of evildoers on
the 106th floor getting killed while the dishwashers in the cafeterias
miraculously escape.

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