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>Slavoj Zizek
>satisfied... The underlying experience of Time Out of Joint and of The
>Truman Show is that the late capitalist consumerist Californian paradise is,
>in its very hyper-reality, in a way IRREAL, substanceless, deprived of the
>material inertia.

God. Watered down Baudrillard is just what the world has been waiting for.
Somebody find me a custard pie.

>    It is precisely now, when we are dealing with the raw Real of a
>catastrophe, that we should bear in mind the ideological and fantasmatic
>coordinates which determine its perception. If there is any symbolism in the
>collapse of the WTC towers, it is not so much the old-fashioned notion of
>the "center of financial capitalism," but, rather, the notion that the two
>WTC towers stood for the center of the VIRTUAL capitalism, of financial
>speculations disconnected from the sphere of material production.

Isn't Zizek pals with Henwood? Tell him to read "Wall Street" which
establishes the TIES between financial and industrial capital.

>real. The US just got the taste of what goes on around the world on a daily
>basis, from Sarajevo to Grozny, from Rwanda and Congo to Sierra Leone. If
>one adds to the situation in New York snipers and gang rapes, one gets an
>idea about what Sarajevo was a decade ago.

Sigh. The only antidote to such lurid versions of these places is a calm,
dispassionate presentation of the historical facts using a Marxist or
radical approach. But instead Zizek himself collaborated in the
demonization of Milosevic, just the way that the bourgeois press is
demonizing the Arabs today.

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