Why arab people are happy.

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Thu Sep 13 09:46:46 MDT 2001

I agree with Stuart, I've worked at the WTC myself, visiting whole slews of
different companies, including those for the State of NY which had hundreds
of municipal workers working there.

Yes, a lot petty capitalist underlings worked there. It was certainly a
nerve center for capitalism but the ruling class, per se, had not a single
person there...they don't go to work, they don't have to. Get real, the
people who died, perhaps 5,000 or more, were mostly working class
people...as if the fools in the airplanes could actually give a shit.

Secondly, this was the work, no matter what the politics behind the
attackers, of homicidal maniacs, completely and utterly devoid of
responsibility for what they've done *politically*...unite Americans behind
imperialist retribution that will make what the Israeli's are doing to
Palestinians look like child's play. The ONLY thing that has held the US
back in recent years, at least since Desert Storm, is the political
situation in this country. When ever North Americans gets united behind the
ruling class *even a little*, you get a Balkans War. Thing what these fools
ended up doing NOW and its consequences??!!

Now, if *effect* this was a god-send to US imperialism. The real
celebrations that took place did so behind the closed doors of the Knesset
and the part of the Pentagon that still stands...

David Walters

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