Conceding the enemy's argument - shame

Borba100 at Borba100 at
Thu Sep 13 13:15:38 MDT 2001

To concede, as many on left are doing, the truth of government charge that
real , independent terrorists (not US government or group it has infiltrated
and unknown perhaps to members directs) have done this and then argue - "but
they had good reason" -  this strengthens hand of government.

And the holes in this story are getting big enough to drive a truck through.
Such as: Russian armed forces were on alert shortly after first tower was hit
because US forces were.  How did a plane get close neough to hit the Pentagon
an hour later - not to mention miraculously hitting the part under
renovation?  Why wasn't Bush immediately whisked away? Instead he "looked
somber for a moment and resumed reading" to children at some school.

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