Suspects' Flight Trainer Casts Doubt on Official Story

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Thu Sep 13 14:53:04 MDT 2001

Of course, nothing about this interview "casts doubt
on official story." Nothing at all.

The vast majority of flight schools only train
pilots-to-be on single-engine and sometimes
multi-engined propellor-driven planes. The ones that
offer jet training do so on smaller jets, such as
executive Lears. Almost none offer large-jet training.

The fact that these guys learned how to fly on small
planes is a given; that's how ALL pilots learn how to
fly. Where they received the specialized training for
the larger jets is still unknown, but the way large
jets are designed it is not inconceivable that they
simply purchased a flight simulator. (And I don't mean
for their PC.)

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