chickens come home to roost

marco rodrigues machetero_ngola at
Thu Sep 13 15:55:32 MDT 2001

"Alan Bradley" wrote:

<<<I'm almost too shocked to say "well, the chickens have certainly come home
to roost, haven't they?"

Watching the Pentagon burning is interesting though.>>>

actually, that was the first thing that came to mind.  I was driving to school on the triboro bridge with the first tower already resembling a lit cigarette, and the general consensus was that a bad accident had taken place.  then, right as i pull out of the toll plaza, i hear on the radio "we now have reports of a second explosion," i looked up on the right hand side and saw the remnants of the orange fireball and the smoke going up, along with the debris falling.  it didnt take me too long to figure out what was going on, and "the chickens come home to roost" was my initial reaction.

there is no one to blame for this tragedy but the foreign policy of the u.s. government, a fact that seems to be getting lost in all the flag-waving you see on the media these days.

condolences to anybody who lost a loved one or friend.

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