Suspects' Flight Trainer Casts Doubt on Official Story

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Thu Sep 13 16:09:31 MDT 2001

Part of this article notes:

Israel: But wouldn't what they did require sophistication?

Dekkers: Yeah, they want to that school, I have heard the name, they call it

a jet center for simulator training, there is no way - this is not my
opinion. My opinion is I don't think it is possible. I have spoken to many
captains from the airlines and they say there is no way what the planes did
they could have done that. They changed altitude. They changed speed. They
changed direction. They had to know about the equipment to do what they had
to do and there is no way that could have been done.

Response (Jim C): This is pure nonesense that may appear credible for the
unitiated. But progressive political work requires credibility and
credibility partly comes from checking and cross-checking assertions,
purported "facts" etc. Obviously the owners of the fligt school that the
alleged or possible terrorists attended want to distance themselves as far
as possible from the training they gave to the alleged results of the
application of that training but...

In my office I use a Microsoft Pro Flight Simulator program and have full
and integrated yoke, rudder pedals and thrust levers for full three-axis
control (to keep my skills up while on the ground and as some relief from
some toxic work conditions and toxic people) I can recreate, with the exact
aircraft, (minus the loss of my own life and those of others), crashing a
767, 757 ir 737 into the Trade Center towers. Or, I can set up different
cloud formations and ceilings, dawn/day/dusk/night, different wind
directions and velocities, thunderstorms etc and fly visual or instrument
approaches, departures, arrivals, maneuvers etc in a variety of aircraft (I
often like to fly the night Charlie-Charlie approach to Hong Kong in a 747).
The terrain is accurate, the key structures and landmarks are accurate, and
even the feel of the yoke and rudder pedals vary with aircraft and one must
fly the required airspeeds, attitudes, flap settings, descent/climb rates
etc or the consequences when flying the simulator will be exactly the same
as on the real thing except of course the losses of life. In fact, pilots on
the new 777 do all their training on simulators with their first flight in
the real aircraft being their first flight carrying passengers (plus a check
pilot for the first 10 flights).

Someone with basic flight training, certainly training at the commercial and
instrument pilot level, might have a problem with take-off and landing, but
taking over in flight, and flying the basics, could fairly easily accomplish
what was done if they had also had some simulator time in the particular
aircraft to be used. In my programs, all the cockpit layouts are identical
to the real aircraft (I have a program with only 747s that actually existed
with the cockpits identical to real 747s including two my father used to
fly), all switches and instruments are operable and actually the simulators
are harder to fly than the real thing in some meaningful ways (no physical
sensations although when you get into the flying of the simulator one can
often acquire the physical sensations similar to being in the real thing).
Flying a full-motion simulator (used for check-rides for airline pilots and
in the advanced flight schools) is even more like the "real thing."

So what this guy is saying is mostly for PR and potential liability
mitigation problems but it just isn't true and any seasoned pilot should
know it; expecially someone who is also an instructor and has done actual
flight/ground instruction.

On another note. No one knows how many have died in the Trade Center and
around it, their backgrounds or whatever. But anyone who says they have no
feeling or sadness about the losses of life because those who died MUST BE
functionaries of imperialism and the types of bureaucrats who represented
what Hannah Arendt called "the banality of evil", is really a sick,twisted
and toxic individual expressing views that have nothing to do with Marxism
and indeed do more to promote anti-Marxism than the open enemies of Marxism
could ever do. Many of those who died were probably visiting the Trade
Center, working people in the Center and I suspect that the numbers of
hard-core capitalist pigs who died were relatively small. But what one thing
out of many things that differentiates Marxism/Marxists from capitalists and
their apologists/functionaries is the view/value on human life; indeed my
list of those whose death I would celebrate or feel no emotion about is
relatively small. Again, there are some very angry and empty souls with some
shallow, pathetic, empty lives who apparently can only gain a "measure of
pleasure" by attempting to infect others with their own misery, emptiness
and lack of basic humanity; and when this is passed-off as "class warfare"
or Marxist consciousness, this is really the work of the enemies of the real
working class and their real servants.

Jim Craven
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