Suspects' Flight Trainer Casts Doubt on Official Story

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Thu Sep 13 16:29:54 MDT 2001

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:09:31 -0700, Craven, Jim wrote:
>Response (Jim C): This is pure nonesense that
>may appear credible for the unitiated. But
>progressive political work requires credibility
>and credibility partly comes from checking and
>cross-checking assertions, purported "facts" etc.

Speaking of this, I want to urge Jared to take a less rapid-fire
approach to these types of questions, and to pass that advice on to
his estimable comrade Michel Chussoduvsky. On his website, he has the
following item:

>>A stunning report from the respected military and intelligence
report Stratfor ( has officially raised the question
that many who watched the Trade Center towers collapse vertically,
have been asking about secondary explosions and the likelihood that
charges had been physically placed within the buildings before the
attacks. In a bulletin yesterday Stratfor wrote:

"Mounting an attack of this sort is not simple. In the case of the
World Trade Center, the collapse of the towers indicates massive
delayed explosions. This means either the planes were loaded with
explosives or that massive explosive charges were planted in the
buildings to go off later. This is supposition, but a secondary
explosion is a necessary factor for explaining the collapse."<<

This obviously false interpretation and other speculations are part
of an overall attempt to suggest that the whole thing might have been
engineered by the CIA.

First of all, Stratfor is not "respected". It is a bunch of
wet-behind-the-ears neophytes, just out of graduate school, who have
a pretty shitty track record. Second of all, what the left needs is a
class analysis based on hard facts. This kind of spy-vs-spy nonsense
belongs in Mad Magazine, not in responsible and revolutionary news
outlets on the Internet.

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 09/13/2001

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