Conceding the enemy's argument - shame

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Thu Sep 13 17:39:39 MDT 2001

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Adam Levenstein wrote:

> > Why wasn't Bush immediately whisked
> > away? Instead he "looked
> > somber for a moment and resumed reading" to children
> > at some school.
> The reports I've read indicate that he *was* whisked
> away as soon as it was known the attack was
> deliberate. This "looked somber and continued reading"
> bit strikes me as a rumor.

Then you haven't seen the  footage that's been playing over and over for
several days now. I won't attempt to analyze his facial expressions; but,
the fact is that he delayed long enough for a school assembly to be
convened so he could read a speach.

Joan Cameron

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