On Safire's column was Re: Conceding the enemy's argument - shame

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Sep 13 17:00:56 MDT 2001

While I sat watching in total disbelief I was jolted into some semblance of
analytical thinking by Jim Lehrer's spontaneous cri de coeur "Where's the
President?  We need to hear from him now"

Clearly Bush & Co were genuinely spooked and sought their own safety
first.  That is routine and we all have been told many times that this is
how it happens.  But watch Independence Day and Air Force One and see how
in their imaginary Americans want a warrior president - not one who
scuttles for the bunker or stays aloft, while the people burn.

So I simply do not believe the story at Air Force One was a target. Nor all
the crap about Bush wanting back to Washington.  This is damage limitation
at work. Safire is merely being a good  boy relaying the spin.  Of course
no one will say that during the crisis that Bush looked less than
heroically presidential.  He will though in the days to come be more
believable now that brutality rather than moral courage is called for.



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