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Subject: "who did it", just for the record.  (An off list exchange on the

A key component that probably shouldn't be overlooked are radicalized and
dissident members of the US intelligence community -both members and
ex-members. Intimate knowledge of the structure of those buildings, airline
security procedures and the capacity for carrying out a widely dispersed,
highly skilled and coordinated operations could come from those sources
more readily than anywhere else in the world.  (It should be remembered
that the first aircraft to hit the trade centre was diverted from an east
west flight path 1/2 an hour's flying time north of NY.  Some skilled
piloting and navigating was required.  Hitting the Pentagon just above
ground level in a shallow dive with a big aircraft could not have been done
by an amateur.  NO aircraft is supposed to be able to approach the defence
HQ.  Only insiders would have known how. Four planes were high jacked over
the period of an hour or so and not one of them set off an alarm
transponder.  The high jackers had to know their targets exceedingly well -
and NOT APPEAR threatening to the aircrew.)

Finally, who is better trained in terrorism?  Who has come to rely in it more?

This is not to imply that these agency dissidents would be the only
component, but the key one never-the-less. If this is the case this truly
is a disaster for the US ruling class.  Some one very close to them has
stuck a knife in their guts and they have to quietly try to take it out
without anybody noticing.

There are a number of movies out there that are build on similar
themes.  Such radicalization has happened in genuinely political ways in
the past.  Phil Agee (I think that's his name) former CIA, Donald Duncan,
former Green Beret, etc. come to mind.

Stew S.

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The US security apparatus?
Could it be?
(this is the FIRST thot my kid (out west) had!!!)

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Not the apparatus as such but a secret dissident offshoot of it.

Think about it.  There has been a steady dribble of dissidents coming out
of the CIA since the Vietnam war.  They have all been pretty much
marginalized.  Suppose some one like that - came in with idealism, gave his
life to the agency, had no family to speak of, trained to kill with two
fingers and make bombs out of house hold goods, saw the best agents being
sacirficed and exploited by self-serving bureaucrats, always found himself
on the side of the worst corruption (Indonesia, Latin America, etc.), knew
that he had innocent blood on his hands and has looked at the degradation
of the environment etc. coming to the conclusion that the world is doomed
is something doesn't change drastically.

Then looks at the broad left, a bunch of SAP's (Squabbling Academic
Pansies).  Listens to a few of our meetings and decides that he's not going
to give up everything he's learned and sacrificed for, to that.

He has come to hate the agency and it's sponsors (the ones who coined the
term "collateral damage") and sees no alternative but to carry out a
spectacular act to wake up the American people and expiate his own guilt at
the same time.  (I say "he" throughout most of this because this kind of
militaristic, lone wolf insanity tends to be a "male thing".)

So he decides to stay in middle management in the agency, move into the
personnel department and starts recruiting other dissidents as they leave -
or come to some moral/emotional crisis while staying inside - to special
cells known to no one else in the world.  It's  a largish community and it
should not be hard to recruit 20 or 30 people like himself over the course
of a decade who are prepared to end their lives in the most spectacular
operation of the century or of history.

He knows that eventually he will be revered by a billion people across the
world as a martyr and a hero in the struggle against imperialism.  He knows
that he will have helped  to strike the most powerful military blow that
any small group of individuals have ever struck.
If you listen on the radio to these guys in the US administration talking
about the investigation, it is clear that they either don't know anything
and are trying to create a fog around the operation - or they do know
something they can't say -  and are trying to create a fog around the
The dissident spooks are experts at covering their tracks and know exactly
who they are dealing with better than the establishment knows itself.  If
it was merely a group of 5 or 6 cells of 25 to 30 people who have closed
the hatch behind them - baring a letter in a lawyer's office somewhere, to
be opened in 10 years, they've been by their lights very successful.

If on the other hand there is a much larger organization behind it with
more waiting in the wings, and what we just saw was only the 1st wave, then
the US is in deep dodo - and border security is irrelevant by the way.

In any case the whole operation has the mark of the CIA (or the sons of
CIA) on it.

The irony of all this is that the senior CIA boffins probably recognize the
markings but won't say anything because once it comes out, the whole agency
will torn apart from top to bottom to root out these dissidents and a lot
of "important" people will loose their jobs - or worse.

Stewart Sinclair

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