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Thu Sep 13 21:42:43 MDT 2001

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 23:29:06 -0400, Barry Stoller wrote:
>The terrorist attacks may do the same, if not
>more -- and, in so doing, steal much of the
>thunder that the populist 'anti-globalization'
>movement has generated of late.

This simply reflects the lack of clarity in the goals of this

>Or, more to the point, take the momentum (it's a
>hop, skip and a jump from Quebec to Genoa) and
>move it ... well, who knows where... One minute,
>Marxists look at the anarchists receiving all
>the headlines and the next -- well, we should be
>glad that no one has suggested -- even whispered
>-- that the attacks came out of the anarchist
>scene. None of which makes the Marxist community
>(in the labor aristocracy nations)
>look terribly relevant.

There's a thought buried in here somewhere, but I am too lazy to dig
it out.

>I have been visiting many sites -- liberal,
>anarchist and, needless to say, Marxist...

Make sure you don't develop a Pugliese Syndrome. It can be fatal, you

>Some want to retreat, others want to
>keep the pressure going. Most Marxists are quick
>to pull out some classic Trotsky quotes -- all
>condemning (individual) terror; yet, here and
>there, euphoria is expressed. The most memorable
>line I've seen is, simply: 'The Pentagon burning
>is the most beautiful sight seen since the Red
>Army tore the Nazi flag off the Reichstag.'

That's quite a line. If I find anybody uttering such nonsense here,
not only will they be expelled from the list but we will send Jim
Farmelant out on a mission to put a hungry wolverine in the
offender's knickers.

>Some questions. 1. Was the attack an attack
>against (some amorphous entity called) the US
>(including every last person residing there)? Or
>was the attack an attack against capitalism and
>imperialism (as the symbolic targets suggest)?
>Can we discriminate between the two? 2. Are the
>citizens of the US outraged over the loss of
>innocent lives -- or are they outraged that
>someone has condemned (US) capitalism and
>imperialism? One would think that discrimination
>here is possible.

I don't most citizens of the US think in terms of capitalism and
imperialism, except at Ivy League colleges and in Vermont.

>A personal observation. Almost everyday, I take
>a moment to post a little 'Capitalism sucks' ad
>for my ProletarianNews site here and there
>around town. The locals -- classic liberals and
>small merchants of the earthy-crunchy variety
>-- consider this habit of mine but a mild
>eccentricity. Until the 11th, that is. Now I
>receive outright hostility.

I'll protect you if necessary. I am an expert in the "drunken
tai-chi" martial arts discipline.

>Yet my defense is simple: the merchants, many of
>whom sell nothing but luxury goods to rich
>college kids, didn't feel compelled to take a
>day off (presumably in honor of the dead
>Why should I?

After the revolution, you will definitely be assigned to be Commissar
of Small Proprietor Reeducation.

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 09/13/2001

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