Suspects' Flight Trainer Casts Doubt on Official Story

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<<  First of all, Stratfor is not "respected". It is a bunch of
 wet-behind-the-ears neophytes, just out of graduate school, who have
 a pretty shitty track record. Second of all, what the left needs is a
 class analysis based on hard facts. This kind of spy-vs-spy nonsense
 belongs in Mad Magazine, not in responsible and revolutionary news
 outlets on the Internet.

That's just straw man shit,  Lou.  To attack me you attack Choss by attacking
his opinion of Stratford. Chossudvosky, who by the way is not me - he is his
own person, I am mine, this aint the SWP - makes a bigger contribution when
he makes an error then most do when they get things right.

I have stuff, by the way, from several engineers saying there is no doubt in
their minds it took demolition charges to make the building collapse in the
way it did.  They may be wrong, of course, but it aint "obvious."

As for me, the interview I published is transcribed exactly.  Publishing it
and pointing out food for thought for those who dare to think is not
"charging in" - it is me doing my goddamn job, which is to find the facts,
just like yours is to make condescending attacks instead of discussing
first-hand research seriously. What's your stake?

What ABOUT what the guy from the flight school told me?  Doesn't that
interest you at all?

BTW, try reading Marx's stuff published in newspapers sometimes. I find him a
great inspriation, read that stuff all the time.   He constantly exposes
"conspiracies."  He don't sound at all like a big-time Marxist.

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