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 So what this guy is saying is mostly for PR and potential liability
 mitigation problems but it just isn't true and any seasoned pilot should
 know it; expecially someone who is also an instructor and has done actual
 flight/ground instruction. >>

Nonesense..  Read the interview.  He didn't do the flight simulator training,
he taught them how to fly cessna's.  Nobody can blame him for what happened.
Why would guys who wanted to fly jumbo jets into buildings go to Cessna

Speaking of credibility, as for Craven playing with his simulator what on
earth does that have to do with whether three guys trained on simulators
could therefore, under the pressure of imminent death, and while holding off
a play full of people with makeshift knives, fly  not one but three planes
with exact accuracy into three buildings.   What the interview guy said was
the pilots he's spoken to don't buy it - and THAT is a very dangerous thing
to say, right now.That is hardly protecting his ass.

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