A brief note on 'terrorism'

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el 13 Sep 01, a las 8:16, Lou Paulsen dijo:

> Various groups, in response to the attacks on NY and the Pentagon, have
> repeated in one form or another the idea that Marxists have always been
> opposed to "terrorism".  I would like to point out that all those citations from
> Marx and Lenin were written against people who would use "terror" tactics like
> assassinations etc. against their OWN rulers, "substituting themselves for the
> masses", INSTEAD of pursuing the socialist strategy of organizing proletarian
> revolution.
> However, this doesn't apply directly, or even at all, to the case of
> oppressed people (IF that is what we have here, which we don't know) who may use
> violent methods against the imperialist power that is oppressing them and making
> war on them!!

A very serious point (and a very serious IF: evidences of at least sluggish 
behaviour by the personnel in charge of defense of the greatest concentration 
of imperialist power in the globe still keep piling up). But let's go back to 
the point for a second. Just think of Algeria, 1960.

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