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Mr. Sanchez' arguement, posted again, is right on target.  And, may I add, 
the proof that this was done by the US is present in the systematic, 
organized, obviously planned and absolutely consistent response.  If this 
were  real, not staged, leaders would be calling for the heads of the 
security forces that allowed a plane to be hijacked from Dulles and then - an 
hour and a half after takeoff - and about 45 minutes after the two towers 
were hit - allowed that plane to fly back to Washington and hit the Pentagon. 
 Do they think we are imbeciles to believe that? 

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 I agree with Jared (this is my first intervention in this list, apologize my 
 english, please)
 First, I was shocked like everybody, I didn´t believe that the US government
 wanted to attack the prestigie of his country, "the most powerful of the 
 I thought: the US government doesnt want that the world believes that USA is 
 weak country, an humilliated country, an indefense country. But what happen 
if we
 invert the reasoning: maybe the US government wants that his people feel 
that his
 country is weak, humilliated and indefense. For what? for NMD (the military
 rescue for the economy) for the next wars in Balkans, Central Asia, Middle 
 Taiwan Strait, places where tensions have been accumulating and where the
 american soldiers will be necessary. You can think, this attack is the 
 that NMD is unnecessary because it was an attack of terrorists, not nuclear
 attack. Yes, but the people dont think like military specialist. Tomorrow the
 Pentagon is going to say the rogue state, or the terrorists, have nuclear
 weapons, and the country is weak and indefense, weak and indefense like the 
 when Reagan said that USSR was stronger than USA, and military keynesianism 
 Wars) support the economy . You can think that the destruction of Twin 
Towers and
 one side of Pentagon was very strong and expensive "Bundestag" or "Pearl 
 and it is incredible. But think that we live in a society with a very high
 tolerance to violence and destruction. We need science fiction to feel 
 so they think "Give them a science fiction scene", like Hollywood. >>
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