"Specialized secret conspiracies" ? - NEVER in America!

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 Yes. These attempts to fantasize some enormously complicated conspiracy
 by the CIA or Israel have the same basic premise as do the official U.S.
 and Israeli explanations: It is all because of wicked people. The
 capitalist system is (and has always been) a perfectly open conspiracy.
 To hypothesize specialized secret conspiracies (such as Jared is doing
 here) trivializes the real evil of capitalism. >>

Pompous sophistry.  No system works except by the deeds of real people.  And
people - at least normally intelligent ones - scheme all the time. As Marx
notes, the difference between people and, let us say ants, is that people
plan in advance.  Humans do conspire, and this is notoriously truer in dying
social systems. (Check out latter-day Rome.)  Moreover, this particular
capitalism employs tens of thousands of people in covert organizations with
budgets larger than those of most countries.  Do these covert operatives sit
around watching economic laws play themselves out?

The destruction of Yugoslavia, which some people might gain from studying,
involved the most complex web of intrigue.  And it is documented - some of
which documentation can be found among the 700 or so entries at www.tenc.net
(Emperor's Clothes) .  When you're done praying to 'Capital,' Mr. Cox, check
it out.  Then, if you really wanna read about conspiracy, get the stuff Marx
wrote for the newspapers about the U.S. Civil War.

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