the Jared Israel thesis, part xviii

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at
Thu Sep 13 23:33:43 MDT 2001

Jared's "proof" just piles up higher than the wreckage that used to be
capitalism's highest-priced real estate. Foremost is the critical postulate that
holds that US government, military, and intelligence planners, bureaucrats, and
functionaries never, ever, display incompetence, cover their own asses, or are
taken by surprise by events. On top of that, we can all see that the threat and
spectacle of violent death by any means as unsophisticated as a plastic knife or
boxcutter is obviously unsuited to the job of terrorizing a planeload of
passengers and crew on a commercial jet flight. I myself ride the New York
subways daily, and routinely brush off this kind of weaponry with a sneer. Then
there's the silly notion that someone who wanted to learn to fly would bother
starting with a simple single-engine Cessna! What a laugh! It's quite clear that
any of the supposed "hijackers" must really have been patsies, and we'll learn
what really happened on those planes only when some future people's tribunal
digs up the true loyalties of the pilots assigned to these flights, a la "The
Pilot's Wife."

Another glass of cold water over here, please. Make it a double, and put it on
my tab.

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