the Jared Israel thesis, part xviii

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<< red's "proof" just piles up higher than the wreckage that used to be
 capitalism's highest-priced real estate. Foremost is the critical postulate
 holds that US government, military, and intelligence planners, bureaucrats,
 functionaries never, ever, display incompetence, cover their own asses, or
 taken by surprise by events. O >>

Another pretty dumb straw man.  Of course they screw up, do stupid things
etc. all the time. TENC gets about 600,000 hits a month exposing their lies
because they leave a trail - all the time. Saying "they did this" does not
mean "they are perfect"   as the walrus' straw man suggests.

The fact is that they, not others, are trying for world conquest, and
therefore they start a lot of shit. However, they did this one with amazing
stupidity which they can only (possibly)  get away with because of the
many-sided weaknesses of those who supposedly oppose them.


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