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>>The terrorist attacks may do the same, if not
>>more -- and, in so doing, steal much of the
>>thunder that the populist 'anti-globalization'
>>movement has generated of late.

>This simply reflects the lack of clarity in the goals of this movement.

one thing i hope the "anti-globalization" movement gleans from
this very critical time on its existence is a refinement of
message and identity. the movement itself has for too long
struggled under the both cumbersome and plain misguided name.
hopefully now people will begin to talk about it how it is --an
anti-corporatism, or even more on point, an anti-imperialism

currently the nation is caught up in rhetorical
oversimplification (highly understandable in a time of crisis),
much of which (facilitated by the president) goes like this:
America=freedom=capitalism, thus anything anti-corporatist is
cast as unamerican. when trying to explain the terrorists'
motives, both our leadership and media immediately blame some sort
of sourceless evil or intrinsic immorality instead of taking the
time to be critical of the origins of such hatred world-wide, thus gaining a
spurious moral high ground.

i think this is a golden opportunity for the anti-corporatism
movement to take serious stock in their message to the public and
clearly draw the distinction between those who treat nationalities
as enemies and those of us who, out of love for all people, seek
to bring to light the oppression committed at the hands of
corporations worldwide.

as i write this i've received the update from the IAC. i think
this is by and large a good idea...but i hope that we do not pass
up a golden opportunity to link anti-racism and anti-military
imperialism with interrogations of power at all levels, and the
very very pertinent (well, inseparable) question of


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