The Backlash

Jay Moore research at
Fri Sep 14 10:16:58 MDT 2001

This lovely email below that I just got from "Sam Thomas"  is a sample  of
the vile material lurking not-too-far below the surface in U.S. society that
this kind of thing tends to bring out and, in part, legitimatize.  Watch



You spineless ignorent anti-white, race suicidal cunts!

I hope you never forget the slaughter of those poor innocents in Manhattan!
You are part of the guilty and deserve no sympathy for the torture it should
provide you. If the free world kept these disgusting races out of our
countries in the first place, then the evil rise of Islam would not have the
blood on their hands of thousands, or be able to present to the world a
further threat!

You deserve to die with the wogs. When have you lefties ever done anything
to help your own countries and fellow man?
When have you ever done anything more than twist the truth and extend your

This e-mail won't make you think. I know that, because you leftie scum are
incapable of rational thought, which is possibly due to your brains being so
far up your arse. Cunts!

Peace in the western world - White Pride!

A Negro's body was found on the outskirts of a small Mississippi town. The
victim had been bound hand and foot, stabbed seventeen times, and had six
bullet wounds in his body. "What's your verdict, sheriff?" asked a reporter.
"Worst case of suicide I ever saw!" replied the lawman.

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