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Fri Sep 14 10:39:15 MDT 2001

I wrote:

 So what this guy is saying is mostly for PR and potential liability
 mitigation problems but it just isn't true and any seasoned pilot should
 know it; expecially someone who is also an instructor and has done actual
 flight/ground instruction. >>

To which Jared responded:

Nonesense..  Read the interview.  He didn't do the flight simulator
he taught them how to fly cessna's.  Nobody can blame him for what happened.

Why would guys who wanted to fly jumbo jets into buildings go to Cessna

Speaking of credibility, as for Craven playing with his simulator what on
earth does that have to do with whether three guys trained on simulators
could therefore, under the pressure of imminent death, and while holding off

a play full of people with makeshift knives, fly  not one but three planes
with exact accuracy into three buildings.   What the interview guy said was
the pilots he's spoken to don't buy it - and THAT is a very dangerous thing
to say, right now.That is hardly protecting his ass.

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Please examine your logic. His response is designed to place distance
(actually no need to he cannot be blamed for the applications of what he
taught) between what he taught and how those skills were subsequently
applied. In the context of a climate of ultra-jingoism and "God Bless
America" crap, this incidental association between some of the alleged
terrorists and his school could easily destroy his whole business so he is
trying some spin.

I have been a pilot for 40 years in March of next year. I hold commerical,
instrument and advanced/instrument instructor's ratings, am the son of a
33-year airline pilot who taught me to fly (along with other airline pilots)
and have also taught on simulators and can attest to their training value
and accuracy in terms of covering terrain, narivational fixes and landmarks
as well as simulating flight conditions and procedures. All airline pilots
do their checkrides on simulators (every six months for captains and every
year for co-pilots) thus attesting to the degree to which simulators can
train/simulate actual conditions and procedures. Further, news accounts show
that these alleged terrorists went to several schools in the U.S. with
expensive full-motion simulators and those schools will not let you in--and
one cannot fly one of those simulators--without being licensed which means
first learning how to fly "Cessna 150s".

Further, last night I simulated the attack in a 737-400 and not knowing New
York and never having been to the WTC, I was able to pick up the twin towers
easily coming in from Boston and hit both of them exactly at midpoint (the
south tower is more difficult to hit from the known approach path). Further,
according to news accounts there were two trained pilots on each of the
aircraft--one for navigation, one to handle the flying.

Again, I reiterate, sound political work requires sound and measured thought
and sound/cross-checked facts and assertions--as well as a command of
elementary logic. Please react to what I actually wrote not a caricature or
strawperson of what I wrote. Note also that the person interviewed claimed
that according to "the pilots he talked to don't buy it". Well I am a real
pilot, I take it Jared is not, I have flown heavy aircraft and simulators up
to and including 747 and I can given you examples of private pilots trained
only on Cessna 150s landing airliners when they had to.

Any other pilots on this list please agree or disagree. But facts please and
perhaps writing about something that one has some direct experience with.

Jim Craven
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