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> Further, last night I simulated the attack in a
> 737-400 and not knowing New
> York and never having been to the WTC, I was able to
> pick up the twin towers
> easily coming in from Boston and hit both of them
> exactly at midpoint (the
> south tower is more difficult to hit from the known
> approach path). Further,
> according to news accounts there were two trained
> pilots on each of the
> aircraft--one for navigation, one to handle the
> flying.

The thing is, I can do the same thing on FS 98 - and
I'm NOT a trained pilot (though it is real high on my
life's "to do" list). I repeated the experiment with
the Pentagon, the Sears Tower, the USX building (in
Pittsburgh), the Bank of America building here in
Atlanta, and the Golden Gate Bridge. I was able to hit
all of them on one try.

If it's easy for me, a joystick junkie, to be able to
pull this off, I can't imagine it takes Gorak, King of
Airplane Pilots. Just a little easily-available pilot

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