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Fri Sep 14 13:53:01 MDT 2001

This e-mail from a friend:

The news broadcasts are not giving an adequate picture of what's
happening. You hear about the altruism of many New Yorkers volunteering,
giving blood, etc. What you don't hear about is the greed of the
employers, mainly in the financial industry.
      Grace (my friend's wife) is running Critical Intervention Sessions
(CIS) for people. The real trauma they're feeling is against their
      One woman was in Queens and her 1 year old baby had a 103-degree
fever. To be a good employee, she called work. She couldn't get a baby
sitter, naturally. Her supervisor left a voice mail that he needed her
to come in and finish a report for a client.
      She brought her child in -- it would have been literally a crime
to leave him unattended at home -- and the supervisor yelled at her
telling her how inappropriate it was. She left in tears, and was
referred by her Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to Grace.
      Grace met with two groups of about 40 people from Citibank
yesterday. The employees were furious that they were told to go in, and
to go right to work as usual in the back office (not the bank floor
itself). They were given no time to process the report. They felt their
managers were unfeeling. It sounded as if the class war was back in
business -- until their bosses also came to the meetings.
      At that point the employees turned around and praised their bosses
for being so wonderful and understanding, and doing the usual suck-up.
Then some employees broke out in tears, and Grace went out with them,
and they said they were afraid of saying how they felt, that they would
get fired if they criticized their bosses and said how they felt.
      And so on.
      The bosses said, lugubriously, that Mayor Giuliani said, "Let's
show the terrorists they can't disrupt American life. Let's all go back
to work as usual, as if nothing happened. That's how they won." The
bosses said they were only trying to be good citizens in following what
the mayor said.
      So this whole event is having a radicalizing effect as the decent
people are confronted by indecent corporate greed-mongers.

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