Question: International Action Center & Workers World Party

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Fri Sep 14 18:30:45 MDT 2001

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Date: Friday, September 14, 2001 1:09 PM
Subject: Question: International Action Center & Workers World Party

>In my attempt to answer a question for a group of local activists, it
>would be useful if someone on this list could provide some insight to me
>on the relationship between the Workers World Party and the International
>Action Center.
>Tony Tracy
>Vancouver, BC

We helped to establish it, and we help to support its operations and
activities.  There are also IAC activists who are not WWP members.  The IAC
is not a socialist organization, nor is Ramsey Clark a party representative,
but it is staunchly anti-imperialist and we believe it has played an
important progressive role over the years of its existence.  In what context
does the question arise, out of curiosity?  If I knew that I might be able
to provide a more helpful answer.

Lou Paulsen
member, WWP, Chicago

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