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Fri Sep 14 18:37:59 MDT 2001

Stewart Sinclair wrote:
 > Of course, it's possible for any group of people of any race or origin to
 > do practically anything given sufficient, time, resources and
 > motivation.  But the shortest path from the technical requirements of this
  To which Carol Cox replied:

 I don't waste time on overt racists. I assumed your first post was
 merely not thoughtful. But this is disgusting.

 ======= >>

To which Jared Israel says: Is this based on the theory that if you say
something entirely inappropriate, but very negative, a certain percentage
will fail to read properly and assume you're making some sense?

Sinclair was of course saying: there is no racial component limiting capacity
for technical skill or, for that matter, monstrous behavior.  Nevertheless
the highest probability here lies with the "race" (I'm making a joke, Carrol)
of US covert agencies.  Why?  Because a) ONLY US establishment stands to
gain, e.g., by consolidating its hold on and justifying further actions by
NATO and  b) certain of the events in question - (e.g., high level of
knowledge of secure details which were required as well as the very long time
from takeoff of plane that we are told hit the pentagon, and the time it
actually supposedly hit)  are hard to explain without high level US
government involvement or complicty (the same thing in essence).  THAT (high
level complicty) cannot be achieved by ANY oppressed group in the world  but
only by those high levels. So the most reasonable explanation is involvement
by the most powerful forces in the US.  This by the way is being said more
and more openly outside the US.  E.g., I am told that CBC has been featuring
an airline security expert who flatly said this could not have been down
without official involvement.  Period.


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