Exposing Lies is the Heart of Political Struggle - Lou Says Its A Waste of Time

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 Our emphasis should not be on finding out whether the butler did it
 or not. It should be on explaining to the American people why war is
 not the answer to the Mideast crisis. Lenin didn't waste time on this
 sort of business, b >>

Actually, every successful political leader in history 'wasted time'
PRECISELY in exposing his/her enemies as hypocrites and liars.  (In my own
experience, that';s how we built a mass student movement from  1964 to 1969.
By exposing HYPOCRISY AND LIES.  It was a CONSCIOUS STRATEGY. Our enemies
know this full well.)

The key to deflating the war propaganda is proving THIS WAS NOT DONE BY THE
A RESULT OF THE NEGLECT OF  those who rule.  IF we had a Left here, that's
what it would now be doing.  The rest is masturbation and merely appears to
people as pacaficsm, not convincing.

I urge all to read Marx's writings for the newspapers, of which there is a
great deal - get his collected works from libraries - read his stuff written
during the grave TRENT Affair crisis during US CIvil War when attempt was
made to whip up hysteria to get English workers to support war against North
in favor of slavery. What he did was PRECISELY to prove to working people
that "the Butler did it."  Except not the Butler.  The Lord of the Manor who
mouthed LYING words ofg high morality.

Once those of HIGH CLASS are exposed as LOW LIFE LIARS then working people
will loathe them.  As they should.

Most of Marx's popular writing is  devoted to exposure of lies and hypocrisy
to deny the enemy moral authority.  That is the key political (aside from
organizational point) also made by Lenin in What is to be Done, a book from
which anyone, left right or center, can (and smart ones do) learn.

If we can show ordinary people in the U.S. that the authorities in this
country deliberately allowed/were involved in/or led the way in blowing up
the WTC - essentially trashing half of Manhattan, home of huge numbers of
regular folks - we will have done much to discredit their right to rule.
Note my list: we do NOT have to PROVE they did it: rigfht now enough to
convince people that one of three things is true:  either they did it, i.e.,
were involved (complict); they let it happen -  looked away; or they were, at
least, criminally negligent.  And this is not hard to prove.

I was very much involved in the student movement from 1962 to 1973, and I am
convinced that the growing realization that we were lied to about the Kennedy
assassination was a big factor in the radicalization of that generation.  It
sure had a huge effect on me.

On Lou's other point: if the powers that be don't NEED to use 9-11  then why
are they in fact going hog wild to USE it?  As in 24 hours a day? As in ad
nauseum? The USE  indicates the NEED but of course that doesn't PROVE they
did it, just that they had a motive as illustrtated by their subsequent
actions.  Given what they are actually DOING with this "suicide hijacking of
AMerica," given the editorials, such as Time, calling for a war of
extermination (their term) , your argument that they don't NEED it is simply

What the powers that be want is for us to blah blah blah about generalities
and leave the DETAILS of WHO IS GUILTY to them.  People want to know WHO IS
GUILTY.  And Lous says "Let's not waste time with that."  Give me 500 guys
and women who don't take Lou's well-intentioned but politically ridiculous
advice, 500 who are able to TALK to ordinary people and expose these lies and
NY would be storming Washington.  Shit, it could be done with 100.  The rest
is Internet mastrubation; for Lou, everything else smacketh of evil.

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