Chavez starts land redistribution

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> Sigh, you are an ignorant 

hello, check your books again my friend. 

and just keep repeating
> the line of the Department of 
> State. 

Facts are facts. 

That is why the Left in Argentina was wrecked
> and lost its opportunity. 
> Now we shall have to build up a truly revolutionary
> Left which can see a shark 
> when it is there.
> No more comments on my part. I am really very short
> of time. This is over for 
> me.
> Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
> gorojovsky at
> =======

i mean apparently you regard Peron as a leftist of
some kind. i mean have you ever read about him and
seen how many times he's even been called a fascist
and not just by leftists. and the worst thing is that
i think the biggest argentinian trade union is
supposdely "peronist". no wonder the argentinian
congress doesnt even have a leftist party of course if
you consider fernando de la rua's supposdely
social-democratic union civica radical. argentinian
mainstream politics being thus without a leftist
alternative like other countries have (theri neoighbor
chile has the socialists, the communists, etc) 
is the ultimate legacy seems for me of the populist

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