Chavez starts land redistribution

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> "Media reform"?????????????
> What we need is a revolution, and immediate seizure
> of media by armed militia 
> of workers and the oppressed.

even if a revolution were to happen you have to go to
each part of society and analyse the situation
carefully and then proceed to make the reforms. since
i dont know if you have really analysed that after a
revolution things are not gonna change instantly by
act of magic and since an important point of such a
revolution is to democratize the access to everything
then the media should be made closer to the people in
order to serve them to analyse their needs, to be an
organ of discussion of their most important problems,
an organ of projection of their activities in many
fields, and a way to let them show their creativity.
so it is definite that to make this conditions a
reality and not an imposture like in the old communist
block this will have to be done through real bottom to
top structures of decision making.

the realism of the posibility of an "armed militia"
led revolution in latin america is very low. why? well
because the people of latin america are increasingly
becoming less tolearant of violence. one just has to 
see the sad situation of a country like colombia where
the supposdely "leftist" guerrillas have increasingly
become mostly just murderous rural mafia organizations
very helpful to the drug traffickers. to most of the
the peasants living there they are just as bad as the
right wing paramilitares and the drug trafficking

thus if the people is really to achieve their
emmancipation is is up to them en masse to do this.
leaving this task to a closed small group like in the
communist block has not been proven a good idea. like
engels said "the emmancipation of the proletariat is a
task for the proletariat itself". 

 And then, the
> dictatorship of truth over the 
> dictatorship of lies. "Public spaces" are not only
> scant, but reactionary.

something close to a public space which will at least
mean government funded does not exist in latin america
except of course in cuba. but to the cuban single
party controlled system personally i prefer the system
existing now in the rest of latin america. such an
space will have to be publicly funded but given
independence of content as it more or less exists in
western europe in part. 
if you want to see an after the revolution marxist
analysis of how to ensure this you can go read Georg
Lukacs "the process of democratization".

> What kind of a world are you living in?
> Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
> gorojovsky at

sorry but i dont feel like trying to see what you mean
by this statement.

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