Marxism list tech note

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Sat Sep 15 08:35:38 MDT 2001

[ if you are well behaved poster to the marxmail e-list, you can skim
through this post. If you have troubles posting properly to the list,
you should read this carefully. ]

Understandably, there is now a surge in postings to the list.

But invisible to everyone but me is also a surge in posts which are
bouncing due to improper formatting, or submissions by unsubscribed
people, etc.

In general, i've been handling this stuff on my own (time), but in
this circumstance i must ask that comrades and other list participants
now pick up the slack. I want also to step up my own involvement here
and elsewhere. So i have to manage my own time better.

time being not be able to handle the load of converting posts to
proper format as timely as before. Please now use the posts i have
written in the past to learn how to send plain text. Or i invite you
to contact me personally offlist to find out how. i will help.

Since it appears many people who are submitting HTML are using some
form of Outlook (Express), i remind you that i have written
instructions for changing to plain text many moons ago:

plus please read these other helpful sites:

MESSAGE TO UNSUBBED POSTERS: To people who are not subscribed to the
list, i will carry through my earlier intention from last month to
create a special class of subscribers who can post to the list. In the
meantime, if you are reading the archives, please note that there will
be a delay between your submitting your posts, and my being able to
forward to the list.

Or if you suddenly find yourself overwhelming the list with posts (i
have 8 bounced posts in my inbox this morning from a seriously
cross-posting John Thomas), you might consider subscribing to the
list. Send an email to:

   majordomo at

with body of message

   subscribe marxism

... or

   subscribe marxism-digest

if you'd rather receive the digest.

more than one email address, its easy to forget and try to submit
posts to marxmail using your unsibscribed address. Then they bounce to
me. Please be careful and use your SUBSCRIBED address whenever making
submissions to the list.

WARNING: For the time being if you send (improperly formatted) posts
to the list and you do not see them appear on the list or archives,
contact me offlist, do NOT blindly resubmit.

To repeat, for the time being i am done carrying slack comrades on my
shoulders. Now is the time to rise to the occasion and learn how to
post properly. Or convince Lou to change the posting
requirements. Otherwise stand up and get in line here and now!

les schaffer

p.s. in the future, some of these reformatting/resubmitting tasks will
be automated. but setting up for that also takes time.

PLEASE clip all extraneous text before replying to a message

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