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el 14 Sep 01, a las 22:15, Louis Proyect dijo:

> The warmakers need no 
> Battleship Maine today. They need no Gulf of Tonkin.

As seen from outside, this is not reasonable. They need more than that in order 
to establish the conditions for the American ordinary citizen to supersede the 
VietNam Syndrome. Many people, of the most different social classes in 
Argentina, are convinced that the Americans intervene everywhere up to the 
point when American corpses begin to return home. This is what people concluded 
after Irak. A strong reason must be found to allow for corpses to be accepted 
as a fact of life by ordinary Americans. And I am afraid that this is already 
beginning to happen.

A young friend of mine is at an MBA somewhere in New England. He has written to 
me yesterday, telling that he met some young Americans who have begun to say 
"yes, we see that these things can happen if we foster terror outside our 
frontiers, but well this is a price we have to pay". I mean, these people may 
become the first exponents of the new mood in American people, the same mood 
which led the British or French or German workers to side with their 
bourgeoisies in the colonial adventures of the 19th. and early 20th. Century.

In order to overcome VietNam, the American establishment needs something quite 
stronger than the Maine. Whether they did it, helped to do it, or not, they 
have got what they needed. Voices have begun to shoot out in Argentina against 
the shameful position of our government, which pose the basic political 
question "cui prodest?", that is "who benefits?".  Shamir and Bush benefit. So 
that, as Agence France Presse has pointed out a couple of days ago, the 
"internal" clue should not be excluded.

And if it is found to be true, then you American Leftists will have a first 
order weapon against your own bourgeoisie. Please note that in this case the 
slightest connivence of some people in the safety apparatus is enough.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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