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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 15 08:58:13 MDT 2001

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001 11:36:10 -0300, Gorojovsky wrote:
>> The warmakers need no   Battleship Maine
>>today. They need no Gulf of Tonkin.
>As seen from outside, this is not reasonable.
>They need more than that in order  to establish
>the conditions for the American ordinary citizen
>to supersede the  VietNam Syndrome. Many people,
>of the most different social classes in
>Argentina, are convinced that the Americans
>intervene everywhere up to the  point when
>American corpses begin to return home.

Before we speak about a Vietnam syndrome, we have to discuss Vietnam.
The geopolitics of Vietnam were established by the cold war, 100
years of resistance to French, Japanese and US imperialism,
revolutionary nationalist movements throughout Asia, etc. What are
the social, economic and political contradictions that would explain
the desperate act of a CIA conspiracy to blow up 1/5 of the Pentagon,
the twin towers--unleashing a recession in the process, etc.? We are
not dealing with radical Arab nationalism on the upswing, but
subservient regimes all across the region. Furthermore, the
phenomenon of suicide bombers is attributable to the weakness and
desperation of oppositional forces.

>A young friend of mine is at an MBA somewhere in
>New England. He has written to  me yesterday,
>telling that he met some young Americans who
>have begun to say  "yes, we see that these
>things can happen if we foster terror outside
>our  frontiers, but well this is a price we have
>to pay".

And so?

>In order to overcome VietNam, the American
>establishment needs something quite  stronger
>than the Maine. Whether they did it, helped to
>do it, or not, they  have got what they needed.

Now, all they need is a powerful anti-capitalist enemy to direct
their crusade against. What is missing in Nestor and Jared's analysis
is exactly this enemy. 19 young Arabs armed with box-cutters,
self-trained on flight simulators, is not exactly such an enemy. In
point of fact, Nestor and Jared seem swept up by the rhetoric of the
US ruling class, which posits an enemy of the magnitude of Japan in
1941 when all it really faces is the desperate and hopeless scattered
cells of an Islamic Jihad that has no hope of victory.

>Voices have begun to shoot out in Argentina
>against  the shameful position of our
>government, which pose the basic political
>question "cui prodest?", that is "who
>benefits?".  Shamir and Bush benefit. So  that,
>as Agence France Presse has pointed out a couple
>of days ago, the  "internal" clue should not be

The US ruling class will do everything it can to turn a disaster to
its advantage. But to assume that it needed to orchestrate this
disaster is utter folly.

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at panix.com on 09/15/2001

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