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On the general question of organization, strategy and tactics, I feel
slightly more upbeat than I did a couple days ago.  I believe the U.S. may
be trying to overplay their hand.  I believe the vast majority of the U.S.
working class has been convinced that Osama is behind the attacks, and can
be mobilized for an attack on Osama.  I believe they could probably even be
talked into an attack on Afghanistan, maybe even with ground troops.

But the imperialists always "want more."  They are now talking about a very
wide-ranging war to eliminate "terrorism" "anywhere in the world" and to
attack all sorts of states and movements from Libya to Iraq to Palestine,
regardless of whether they had anything to do with the attacks or not.  In
fact Kissinger and other commentators are using 'clash of civilizations'
rhetoric, suggesting that it is really a global war of the modernizing West
against the East.  I DON'T think the workers are going to be up for that,
and the imperialists by their far-ranging rhetoric are helping us make the
case that the war buildup is about imperialist global domination, not about
punishing people who killed people.

I don't think the European imperialists are so excited about the U.S.'s
broader plans either, and I don't think it's going to be easy to carry out
all these projects if the recession really hits.

By the way, a Washington Times columnist today issued the first public call
that I have seen for a NUCLEAR strike against Afghanistan.

Lou Paulsen

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