United Farm Workers Statement on WTC

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United Farm Workers Statement

  The following statement was issued Wednesday (Sept.
12) by United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez
and National Farm Workers Service Center Inc.
President Paul Chavez--Cesar Chavez's successor and
son, respectively--from the farm workers' Keene,
Calif. headquarters near Bakersfield.

We in the farm workers movement join all of America in
expressing outrage and shock over the brutal attacks
by terrorists on Tuesday, Sept. 11 in New York City
and Washington, D.C.

Out of respect for the victims and their families, we
have canceled planned events, including 16th of
September (Mexican Independence Day) celebrations in
California's Central Valley and Salinas Valley;
Phoenix, Ariz.; Washington state; San Antonio, Tx.;
and the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. We have also
canceled grand opening ceremonies for new United Farm
Workers offices in San Antonio and Alamo, Tx.

Our heartfelt prayers and condolences go out for the
dead and injured, and their families. All of us want
those who have perpetrated these dastardly acts--as
well as those who have aided in their efforts--to be
brought to justice.

Yet this is also a time for our country's political
leaders to exercise wisdom and courage to take the
right course of action as America responds to these
national tragedies.

Neither our government nor our people can surrender to
hysteria directed against Arab- or Muslim Americans or
any immigrant group. We cannot blame or indict an
entire people because of the senseless acts of a small
villainous band.

Finally despite the indignation all of us feel, the
movement founded by Cesar Chavez should do no less
than heed his counsel to embrace patience and respect
for others even in the face of grievous provocation.
"We must understand that the highest form of freedom
carries with it the greatest measure of discipline,"
Cesar once said



Por El Socialismo,
Erik Toren
Pharr, TX

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