Dumb gets dumber

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Sep 15 12:23:15 MDT 2001

Louis Proyect wrote:
> The US ruling class will do everything it can to turn a disaster to
> its advantage. But to assume that it needed to orchestrate this
> disaster is utter folly.

Yes. And more -- even if the conspiracy existed it would do us no good
to claim it. The arguments for such complex scenarios are long,
torturous, & detailed. The vast majority of people are not even going to
listen, but assume that it is just wild claims being made by a bunch of
nutty leftists. And as a result, we will lose our credibility even in
respect to our description of the ongoing "conspiracy in the open" that
characterizes imperialist policy.

It has done damage already. In explaining the crimes of NATO in
Yugoslavia to contacts, I will no longer be able to refer them to (or
use myself) information for which the only or primary source is
Emperor's Clothes. I'm just not going to risk being made a fool of by
citing a source which also claims that Tuesday's bombings were the
result of a comic-book conspiracy by the Imperialists. I don't read
Pugliese's posts, but I would be willing to bet that soon he will be
spreading Jared's theory around the net, accompanied by headings saying,
in effect, "See, if he can say this, how can you trust him on
Srebrenica?" We reached millions of people during the Anti-War movement
WITHOUT making any of the claims which the Pentagon Papers proved to be
true. That is, the open crimes of the U.S. were sufficient: we did not
need the "secret" stuff.

Capitalism _is_ the conspiracy -- not the machinations of a bunch of
spooks in Langley. Let us concentrate on what we know, and what reality
endlessly manifests everyday. We have our work cut out for us, and there
will be hot disagreements among us in any case which will have to be
threshed out or compromised, without adding the extra clutter of this
supposed conspiracy to fuss over.

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