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el 15 Sep 01, a las 10:58, Louis Proyect dijo:

> Now, all they need is a powerful anti-capitalist enemy to direct 
> their crusade against. What is missing in Nestor and Jared's analysis 
> is exactly this enemy

I agree that there is no "visible enemy", and that this is a hard point with my 
assumption (not an _analysis_, please: I have already commented that from my 
own standing this is not the central point). But I still can't assume that the 
US are such an easy prey. Nor will I, ever. 

We could turn the argument back on Lou's side of the field: precisely because 
there is no visible enemy, precisely because there is a need to prepare America 
the fortress for a war against _the planet_, precisely because there will be 
_many_ enemies, then the hit had to be so extreme and unbelievably enormous.

But, honestly, I'd rather debate something else than whether the US 
establishment did it, allowed it, helped it to pass, or suffered it. I insist 
that it is not my own concern. In my own country, where I do my politics day 
after day, most people I have met agreed with me in that what matters is not 
"who did it" but whether "they got for an hour what we in the Third World get 
on a daily basis, shall they realize it or on the contrary they will become 
more beastly". That is, the question is posed towards the immediate tasks.

And, as Louis has already told us himself, we are not Hercule Poirot. We aren't 
even Lew Archer.


Lou further said:

> The US ruling class will do everything it can to turn a disaster to 
> its advantage. But to assume that it needed to orchestrate this 
> disaster is utter folly.

Just to clarify my position: there are too many holes in the fabric to assume 
that all this could be done without at least a murderous and ill-inspired 
neglect from the ruling class agents in the American state. I am not speaking 
of a wholly orchestrated provocation (although some day we may be amazed to 
discovered that something like that took place, only they did not count on the 
plastic features of steel under heat). I am just saying that, even in the 
unlikely case that there had been no active collaboration, the way the American 
bourgeois state kept the core of American population safe displayed a ruinous 
disparagement for eventual strikes from abroad. They felt invulnerable, and 
thus put the whole population in danger. Or shall we think that the Soviet 
authorities who allowed Mathias Rust to land on the Red Square were 
unaccountable and -in a sense- not responsible for what happened?

Please, let us move on to something more productive. At least yours truly will 
close down on this particular issue.

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