British Fall-Out of WTC Bombings

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>el 14 Sep 01, a las 7:39, Lou Paulsen dijo:
>> Afghanistan isn't nearly as attractive a target, [as Irak] not only
>> it's difficult to invade it, but because there's no oil there that I know
>> of.
>Wrong. Afghanistan has always been the key to Central Asia. And in Central
>lie some of the last basins of large and profitable oilfields. Plans have
>devised, if I don't recall wrongly, to build pipe lines from Central Asia
>the sea through Afghanistan and Pakistan thus avoiding India and Iran. So
>even if oil were the only concern, Afghanistan would be an important piece.

Nestor: you're absolutely right.  Not only was I not thinking about this
clearly, but I hadn't done my homework on my own party's website!
Fortunately not everyone in WWP is as stupid as I am.

For the record, this article, "Afghanistan and Oil", was written on the
occasion of the Taliban coming to power:

Lou Paulsen
member, WWP, Chicago

We have some articles up on the website now

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