Houston, Walker, slavery and Marx (was Re: Engels, Marx and ethnic prejudices )

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Sat Sep 15 20:35:36 MDT 2001

Mexico eliminated slavery when it became independent, under the constitution adopted
1824.  The Texans at the Alamo in their War for Independence 1836/37 appealed to that
constitution in opposing the military regime.  When it was over, their reforms
included the reintroduciton of slavery.  The US acquisition of Texas with its confused
boundary provided the basis for the War with Mexico 1846/48.

The War with Mexico did NOT postpone the US Civil War.  Quite the contrary.   The War
with Mexico demonstrated with unabashed clarity the fact that cotton planters
(politically ascendant from the 1820s through their Democratic Party) had entirely
subsumed the functioning of the US government to their own purposes.  Its immediate
impact was the creation of the Free Soil Party, which began the sectionalization of
American politics.  Land acquired from Mexico included most of Kansas, over which the
sectional conflict became an armed struggle.

American radicals at the time understood this.  Much better than Marx and Engels could

Mark L.

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