Conceding the enemy's argument - shame

Mark Lause lause at
Sat Sep 15 23:14:22 MDT 2001

Borba100 at wrote:

> the holes in this story are getting big enough to drive a truck through.
> Such as: Russian armed forces were on alert shortly after first tower was hit
> because US forces were.  How did a plane get close neough to hit the Pentagon
> an hour later - not to mention miraculously hitting the part under
> renovation?  Why wasn't Bush immediately whisked away? Instead he "looked
> somber for a moment and resumed reading" to children at some school.

Actually, you are conceding the enemy's case by swallowing the assumption that
its vast bureaocratic institutions have to do things that are intelligent and
coherent.  Government is a vast and unweildy mechanism when it comes to turning
or changing gears.  And the treatment of most matters of real security are p.r.

The idea of a conspiracy by the US government on this is absurd.


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