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This is an editorial from the Mohawk Nation.

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We can't allow ourselves to be terrorized

Editorial by: Kenneth Deer, The Eastern Door

The suicide attack on the United States was a despicable act by people who
wanted to strike fear into all of us. We can't let that emotion take over
our lives.

The deliberate act of hijacking four planes and crashing three of them into
buildings, killing all the innocent passengers and those people in the
structures will be seared into our minds for the rest of our lives. It is
hard to imagine the feelings of the passengers after they realized they had
been kidnapped, and the terror they experienced as the planes flew low into
New York and Washington.

The sole consolation is that they died quickly, as did those who were
directly in the planes' path. The same cannot be said for the others who
died slower deaths from burns and smoke inhalation in the World Trade
Center and the Pentagon. And who can forget the images of people jumping to
their death from the upper floors of the twin towers?

This act may be the crime of this new century. An act of mass murder on a
scale not imagined before.

Terrorism seeks to strike fear in their victims to a point where they can
achieve their goals, whatever these may be. Terrorists try to change events
to their advantage through intimidation and fear. They can paralyze a
society by their brazen and barbaric behaviour.

We can't let that happen to us.
We cannot let a handful of zealots control our lives. We can't let them
decide for us how we will live our lives. We cannot let them take away our
peace and freedom.

Whoever perpetrated the events on September 11 may have a grievance against
the United States of America. Many people do. We, as the Indigenous Peoples
of the Americas, have the biggest grievance of all. It is we who have
suffered directly from genocide, ethnocide, racial discrimination and
colonialism from the United States and other countries.

But we have never resorted to this level of barbarism in addressing our
grievances. We have justly defended our borders and our land but we have
never, in modern history, gone into other cities and taken thousands of
innocent lives.

We will never resort to terrorism. And we should never bow to terrorism
either... whether this comes forth from unseen terrorists or through
institutionalized government policy.

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