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Sat Sep 15 10:33:10 MDT 2001

The destruction of the WTC may (or may not) be the result of a plot
between the Islamists and the CIA, but the Pentagon and the US ruling
class are certainly using it as an excuse to go to war and send large
numbers of troops into the Middle East.

They are probably waiting until some of the funerals and memorial
services have taken place and anxious patriotic emotions have been
feverishly whipped up before they proceed, but it is clear that they have
decided to solve their problems with murder and mayhem.

There is a definite popular current against war and revenge.  The real
problem the left and progressives face is how to mobilize it.


On 16 Sep 01, at 11:32, Louis Proyect wrote:

.... In
> every instance, there were multiple newspaper articles dealing with
> USA incompetence or neglect. In light of this, to interpret the
> attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon last week as some kind of
> plot involving the CIA and Islamists is counter-indicative to say the
> least.

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