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Stewart Sinclair stewsinc at eol.ca
Sun Sep 16 10:43:56 MDT 2001

On the question of why no one has taken responsibly for these atrocities
the questions raised by Riad below deserve far greater emphasis -
especially the "Note:"

The stench of the spooks grows by the hour.

Stewart Sinclair

Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 03:00:26 +0300
From: "Riad Kobaisi" <hamman at inco.com.lb>
Subject: Questions?

1.Would you think that if a secret service was behind the attack would
declares its responsiblity or left behind any remarks that may signal for
any role for it in the attack?
2. if bin laden was behind the attack. do you think that a man or an
organization that did all this intelligent act forgot to falsify the ID of
the hijackers? becuase if he didnt that mean he is telling the CIA, I am
Here. I did it. and i think in such case its better to declare your
responsiblity rather than acting like an idiot.

 >>>>>Note: remeber that in the religion of islam a suicider will not be
considered a martyr if he didnt declare his responsiblity. and bin ladin is
a conservative sunni. so he has no opportunity for Ijtihad or reinpretation
for such case.<<<<<


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