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You want to be a leftist - ok, that's good.  But you came on here in August
writing about how all of the whole preceding history of the left is crap, up
till the Zapatistas.  You wrote off the FARC as some kind of evil criminal
gang.   I suppose you have to also write off the Sandinistas since they are
in solidarity with the FARC.  Everyone else everywhere in the whole
worldwide communist movement has been sunk in error until you came along to
tell us to move to an "examination of the latter economistic "structuralist"
Marx against the early humanistic young Marx."  Now you attempt to refute
Nestor, who has been in the struggle in Argentina for decades, with an
article from the Encarta Encylopedia which was probably a freebie when you
bought your computer!!!   If you get your understanding of the political
history of Argentina from Encarta, where are you getting your understanding
of the FARC?  Where are you getting your understanding of Lenin
and Mao?  Was that in Encarta also?  There are no words to tell you how
unimpressive this all is.  You are going to overturn all of the old
"orthodoxies" of the left by referring us to the immortal words of

I am all for the exuberance and iconoclasm and charming arrogance of youth,
but in your case it has dialectically transformed itself into its opposite
pretty much completely.

Lou Paulsen

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