US commandos land in Pakistan

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US may use Budhber airbase?


ISLAMABAD: In what has been described as specific proposals by Foreign
Minister Abdul sattar submitted to Pakistan by the United
States for a commando operation against Osama bin Laden, provision of use of
Budhber air base is also included.

Informed sources told The Frontier Post on saturday that demand to provide
an air base in Peshawar has also been made by the
United States but whether or not such facility would be provided has not
been decided yet. 

Pakistan had provided a military base in Budhber to United states back in
mid 50s which was used by the Americans against former
soviet Union for spying purposes but was closed after famous U-2 crisis when
Soviet Union had shot down a US spy plane flying in its
air space. 

Shujaat Ali Khan adds: About 50 US commandos landed on Peshawar Airport on
Saturday early morning (2.a.m) in connection with
America¹s expected attack on Afghanistan, a well placed source in the
airport informed The Frontier Post.

The US commandos were taken to Cherat, main station of Pak-Army Special
Services Group (SSG) for further instructions.

The source added that the commandos were brought from Islamabad viva US
Airforce plane that landed Islamabad Airport on Friday
early morning for which the airport was closed. 

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