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Sun Sep 16 00:05:32 MDT 2001

Media always hypes whatever the story of the hour is.  So it had a
vested interest and a predisposition to exaggerate the importance of the
Sept. 11 attack.  In the end, I think this will radically affect air
travel, maybe reversing the lack of regulation.  (The 10 billion dollars
for intelligence may have some negative implications later on, but
that's just what happens when you give children too much money and free
reign at the circus.)

The numbers recall Pearl Harbor, but the targets don't.  reactions
don't.   Civilians were in the majority, even in the Pentagon losses.
Among other things, this has got to represent one of the greatest
failing of any government anywhere to assure minimal workplace safety..

The reactions don't recall Pearl Harbor either.  Beyond range of the
cameras, life went on pretty much as though nothing new happened.  There
were spontaneous demos but of hundreds or thousands not tens of
thousands. The US has spent decades trying to make its people apathetic,
and has largely done so.  Pearl Harbor marked the onset of an ongoing
war, something we understood at the time.

It is significant that the reactions are not nearly as racist or
jingoistic or war mongering as they were in 1991 over the Gulf War, or
1979 over Iran.

And, unlike those earlier events, this one WAS an act of war, with which
the civilized world rightly takes issue. After all, we are talking about
a sociopathic millionaire getting a bunch of blindly idiotic fanatics to
snuff out the lives of thousands of working people.

Still more than this, despite early concerns that George W. would take
some precipitous action, he has clearly listened to his father's old
advisors who want to use the event to build an even greater coalition
than in the Gulf War.  This will keep action at the lowest common
denominator, the most minimal in terms of millitary action.

Even more, if such an international body could bring anyone to an
international tribunal for war crimes, it would unleash a dynamic that
would have far reaching implications.  Certainly an international
conviction of someone like Bin Laden for doing what the US has done
would clearly tend to discourage its repetition by the US.


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