Who and Why for the last time, welcome to the Looking Glass World

Stewart Sinclair stewsinc at eol.ca
Sun Sep 16 10:22:45 MDT 2001

Welcome to the looking glass wars, where nothing is quite what it seems and 
often is completely arss about face.  I think most of us can see from the 
details that are publicly available that the official explanations are 
hardly credible.  The question now is, how far have would "they" go and how 
far have "they" already gone.  The next question is what does the 
opposition do about it.

We now live in the world of a single superpower armed to the teeth and 
ready to wack any body or anything.  But it has no credible enemies.  How 
do the spooks and the gunsels that now seem to run much of the show resist 
pressure to "stand down".

Tailor made enemies would be one answer, fashioned out of the shadows and 
put back into the shadows until needed or useful.  Osama bin Laden's outfit 
was "created" by the CIA but then it got out of control - or did it.  Is it 
just running on a longer leash?  Hamas was created by the Israeli secret 
service, but then it got out of control - or did it?  The suicide bombings 
provide and a powerful excuse for the military terror in the West Bank and 
the murder of Israeli Arabic citizens at a demonstration a year so ago 
among many other atrocities.  If one wants to look for the capacity for 
atrocities start with the Dresden bombing of 1945, the Nagasaki (the 2nd) 
A-bomb, the 9 million tons of bombs on Vietnam plus the artillery and 
chemicals, and so on and on.  The list is endless.  But "they" wouldn't do 
it to Americans you say.  Why not?  "They" have performed many smaller 
atrocities on US citizens.

More keys to the recent actions (aside from the fact that no has claimed 
it) are
1)the spectacular (but economically ineffectual) nature of the action and
2)the degree to which the "they" could control conditions at the final 

The number of really important people who might have been at the trade 
centre could be easily controlled.  The people and activities in that part 
of the defence HQ could also be easily arranged.  Especially in that it had 
been recently renovated and newly re-occupied.  There could be no 
"important" people there, only sacrificial lambs.

An outfit sophisticated enough to carry out these attacks would surely know 
that these kind of attacks would have little impact on the real economy of 
North America.  For real damage, the water supplies and power grids etc. 
would make more logical and far easier targets.

It must be clear from the forgoing that I have changed my basic position on 
this mess.  I think I now agree with Jared Israel on this matter.  I also 
thought that the idea that the apparatus itself had big hand in it was too 
fantastic but it now makes more sense than my original thesis of a 
dissident cell within the intelligence machine.

Hitting the Pentagon, at precisely the point where they would have complete 
and EASY control over who was in that part of the building was the kicker 
for me.

The following item from the Saturday Sept. 14 Toronto Globe and Mail kind 
of clinched it.

Hijackers scoped sites, official says
With reports from Reuters and AP

Friday, September 14, 2001 – Print Edition, Page A11

The hijacked plane that crashed into the Pentagon circled the U.S. Capitol 
first and cruised down the Washington Mall as if it were trying to pick out 
a target.

The revelation, by a U.S. congressman who serves on a subcommittee dealing 
with aviation, is one of many details trickling out two days after the 
worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.

"The plane that hit the Pentagon circled the Capitol building, went down 
the Mall at low altitude and then hit the Pentagon afterward," John Mica, a 
Republican representative from Florida, said yesterday.

During Tuesday's attack, politicians and officials were struggling -- along 
with television announcers -- to gauge the scope and intensity of what was 

The new revelations make the terror even worse than what the millions of 
people glued to their televisions might have feared:

After the Pentagon was hit, senior generals phoned their relatives to warn 
them not to drink the tap water, fearing that it might be poisoned.

U.S. President George W. Bush, looking to return to the White House, was 
told that he couldn't and that he had to get on Air Force One and fly as 
high as it would go so it could be covered by fighter jets.

Vice-President Dick Cheney was hustled out of his West Wing office to a 
bunker by Secret Service agents who told him that an airplane was headed 
for the White House.

Mr. Mica said Capitol Hill police told him about the jet that flew close to 
the Capitol before cruising over the White House on its way to the Pentagon.

"This means that that plane could have hit the Capitol and the White House, 
as a target and chose to hit, which he did with precision, the Pentagon," 
he said. "He had his choice of them."

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Now what to we do?

Stewart Sinclair

PS I'm going to be out of town for a while (Sept 17 to Oct.25)so I'll be 
dropping off the list temporarily.

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