What will the US do? was Re: Pakistan

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Sep 15 18:08:19 MDT 2001

>"If America attacks Afghanistan, I myself will kill George Bush,"
>vowed Zikria Agha, 18, his eyes and voice cold with conviction. "The
>Muslims of the world are united. We are the real superpower. If
>America attacks, it will be the beginning of World War Three."

I hope I have not succumbed to the imperative of the spectacle, but I
cannot help wondering what the USA will or can do. Successive USA
Administrations have played Frankenstein to a host of reactionary movements
and the process has by no means peaked.In a very real sense the USA
administration needs the fake opposition of Islamic Fundamentalism.
"Fake"  is the sense that there is a mutual dependency between the
contending parties.

For example Golda Meir in her autobiography quoted extensively from the
anti-Semitic ravings of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.  She did not point out
of course that both she and the king were allies of the USA. Dialectically
beneath their surface loathing for each other the King and Golda shared a
common ground and that was support for US imperialism.

To defeat the possibility of a socialist modernity the USA allied itself
with reaction and  now they have to rein in what they largely created.  But
how can they do this without causing great tension in Pakistan, the Gulf
States and Saudi Arabia - three of their key client states?

Their immediate response presumably will be to individualise the problem -
get Osama and all will be well.

Will it work though??  Will it be enough to satisfy the blood lust that
Bush & co are whipping into a frenzy?  I doubt it somehow.



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