Exposing Lies is the Heart of Political Struggle - Lou Says Its A Waste of Time

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Sat Sep 15 18:32:48 MDT 2001

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001, Louis Proyect wrote:

> Because they are preparing for war. If this event had not occurred,
> they would be focusing on other problems. Like a recession, whose
> advent seems almost a guarantee after the attacks. This they need
> like a hole in the head.

Perhaps I've been reading too much into your posts; but, I thought you've
been saying we have been in recession for months now.

This, at any rate, is the position of Jeff Rubin, Chief Analyst, CIBC
Foreign Markets. He's not worried because the Feds have already been doing
what he thinks is necessary to fight recession (cut interest rates), and
thinks the economy will recover in the fourth quarter.

I'm not an economist, so seldom watch the financial news; but what I have
been watching seems to be business as usual. The Asian markets took a dump
on Tuesday, then recovered; and the European markets showed normalcy on
Thursday. Airlines and insurance stocks fell, for obvious reasons; and
gold and oil jumped as investors looked for stable markets. But then
things settled down. The markets were down some yesterday and today.
Everyone's waiting for Monday, of course.

Didn't WWII take us out of the Depression? Why shouldn't this coming war
do the same?

Didn't the Allies gamble on Hitler's attacking Russia first? And didn't
that gamble lay waste to the most materially advanced continent in
history? Why should we think that world leaders are any less criminally
negligent now? We needn't assume they are super masterminds, just
desperate people.

Today, the example of Dieppe came to mind. This attack was originally
planned on the basis of tourist snapshots taken on vacation before the
war. It was believed that the German forces had just a small observation
post - all that was needed for defence of this cliff - which could have
been easily overwhelmed by a small group advancing from behind via a small
creekside path. This group was to have been defended by three planes and
several battleships. This plan was officially shelved as the planes and
most battleships were diverted to other fronts. That didn't stop Lord
Mountbatten from taking it upon himself to revive the plan on his own. The
resulting disaster was billed as a valuable rehearsal for D-Day.

These details were supressed for decades and it could well be decades
before we know what really happened on Tuesday. For this reason alone it
is useless to speculate beyond the obvious - that some sector of the US
military-industrial complex may be criminally culpable.

One thing we definitely don't want to do is fuel the conspiracy theory
fantasies of the rightwing militias that already think their government is
at war with their citizenry. I'm going to spend some time looking at their
websites tonight.

I can already guess that the Evangelical Christians are fitting these
events into the type of Apocalypse scenario that Pat Robertson has been
predicting since 1977. If that is what they are doing, they are going to
passively sit this out waiting for the Rapture (the Second Coming of
Christ. Other groups are already claiming that Nostradamus predicted this;
and there is a picture purporting to show the Devil's face in the column
of smoke.

I've been thinking of phoning my parents and asking, "Didn't you get
Raptured yet? Everyone out West is gone, and my brothers and me are the
only ones who got left behind."

Joan Cameron

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